Monday, February 1, 2010

being supportive of your pastor even when he or she is absent

now I know i should think that whoever comes to church those are the people that God wants there. But its more than that. As you all know I am a Pastor kid and I know what's its like to be in a pastor's home and the struggles. What really has always bothered me to no end is that people say that they love and support and appreciate their pastor when they are working hard and being there every sunday but when the pastor and family are not around that's when the true color's of the church come out. We say we love and support our pastor, but when they are gone and we don't show up how does that show our love and support? We as a church should love and support our pastor and family no matter if they are here every sunday or for just one sunday when they are not. The pastor and family should be able to feel like they can go on a vacation and know that every person that comes normally when they are there would go even when they are not there. Yesterday Pastor and his wife were gone to celebrate there 25th anniversary and Ben and I were substituting for them. You all know who we are and i was so shocked that only 3 kids and 7 adults were there.COME ON PEOPLE WHERE IS YOU LOVE AND SUPPORT FOR YOU PASTOR AND WIFE!!!!! It makes we so sick inside that the church can be so not supportive and appreciatve. I AM VERY ASHAMED OF EVERYONE THAT DIDN'T SHOW AND YOU SHOULD BE ASHAMED OF YOURSELVES TOO. you need to really think do you really love and appreciate your pastor and family?

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