Tuesday, March 2, 2010

thoughts in my head

so i've been doing pretty well lately. I've started exercising and i've lost 2lbs so far and I'm really happy and i know that it will get hard but i will kick this weight out of town!!! So ben and I have decided to look around at different churches because I have been having a hard time this year and a half with going to the church we have been because I never got the chance to decided what church i would like to go to and he did and i went there because he did and I've really struggled with that. I haven't been able to connect and fellowship outside of church and I've tried to come up with things that the women could do to just connect with just women and I've just been shot down at every turn and its been really hard and I've felt like an outsider and that they don't want to connect with me. Now how we convey that to pastor and kathy will be very hard and i don't know how they will take that. So please keep praying for us. thanks.

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