Monday, May 10, 2010

well yesterday was so super hard, harder than last year. I'm truly thankful for what mom's do, but i wish i could join the ranks soon. You don't think about when u are a kid, but when u are married and you want to have kids its really really hard. its frustrating because there are women in the world who fool around and are not married get pregnant and just seemed to just pop them out and not take care or be responsible and they can celebrate mother's day and Its not fair to married couples that want kids so bad but are having a hard time getting pregnant, but they are responsible mature people. Life is not fair that's all i can say. I felt so alone yesterday, i was the only one who wasn't a mom in church yesterday, i sat in the bathroom through half of the sermon, because i felt so out of place, i feel out of place there any ways, but more so yesterday. I feel like I'm always last in alot of things. it seems like just about everyone that i know are having or did have babies that were married the same time i was and its like why can't i be too? it just sucks.

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