Wednesday, July 14, 2010

my thoughts

well sarah, you wanted to read some thoughts so here's a few. haha. Well I've been thinking alot lately about why i dress the way I do. After reading a really good article and joining a support group of women that believe God has asked them to cover. I truly believe that what I'm doing is something that God wants from us women and that is to be modest. Paul at different times doesn't command but tries to persuade that it is a good thing to cover and be modest and he lists many good reasons of why its a good thing. For me I want to be modest not just out of respect for my husband but out of respect for other men and boys. Anyways that's my thoughts and here's the article if anyone is interested in reading it. just copy and paste it in the browser. God bless!


  1. Interesting thoughts, Jules! I definitely agree that women should be modest, especially if they're married or in a relationship! However, you won't find me wearing dresses daily, any time soon! But you also won't find me with my boobs swinging like Jane from Tarzan or whatever. Haha!

  2. haha. yeah I don't expect anyone to dress exactly as I do I just want to really encourage christian women to be modest for the sake of the Christian men in our lives or not. the article is really interesting.