Friday, July 9, 2010

well I have been having a blast with my little niece and nephew!!! They are so cute and full of energy and I love it!!!! I want children so bad that I can barely contain myself!!! Please Lord let it be ben and I's turn soon!!! Every time there are kids in the house I feel motivated to get things done and clean the house and when the house is empty and its just the dog, cat and I don't feel motivated to do anything and I feel useless. why is that? Is it because my biological clock is ticking saying its time or what?


  1. Kids are FULL of energy and just inspire it in us... even in the down and outs of every day stuff... Perhaps your biological clock is ticking, or perhaps the burst of life in your house was just exciting! I love your background, I'll call you sometime soon :-). Don't worry chick, my clock is ticking soon (oh wow, I'm getting closer to 30 by the second...), and I know in God's timing, we'll have little one's of our own!

  2. yeah maybe. Thanks! Be praying for us we got a very interesting call from someone that we met back in Jan. at perkins and we haven't seen or heard from until today. They invited us to their Home Fellowship Service and they don't even know that we are looking into going to a different church. So maybe this is God's way of telling us where we should go.