Saturday, August 14, 2010


well, I don't really know what to say. I am very saddened and hurt by the turn of events that have happened practically overnight. We told our now former pastor and wife that we felt God was wanting us to leave the church for now and that out of respect for them we felt it was right to tell them and that we would like to tell the congregation goodbye and that we felt God was leading us somewhere else. that was 2wks ago. He called today and said that after praying he didn't want us to tell the congregation and that he wasn't comfortable giving his blessing because we didn't know where we were going, but we remember telling them that we had found a place. I was so angry and hurt because after everything we had done for the church and them and ben was the worship leader for almost 5yrs he was not giving us the courtesy and the respect to tell the congregation goodbye and I felt that we owed the congregation that much to hear it directly from us and not from anyone else. Its funny how people say they appreciate everything that you do for them and then when u say u are leaving they turn on you and practically kick u under the rug. I know they must feel hurt and feel like we are deserting them, but still that's no way to treat a fellow brother or sister in Christ. Where's the love? When bad situations come up people's true nature comes out. But all in all, I must leave it at the feet of Jesus and show mercy and grace and expect nothing in return. We love and care and appreciate every single person at a certain place and we hope and pray that we can still be friends and stay connected. Please try and understand that we must follow where the Lord leads us and we only want to do His Will. Don't think for a minute that we are abandoning you, because we are not. God bless.

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