Wednesday, October 13, 2010

sad and disappointed

So its been 2 months since ben and I left the Foursquare Church. Its been good though and I know its what God wanted us to do. but I'm just sad and disappointed because I wanted to stay somehow connected with the people through the coffeehouse and that hasn't happened and every year we have a Christmas party at my home and I guess the church has something else planned. I mean its great they are actually really starting to do things and have projects for the church and growing. I just figured I guess our connection wouldn't change much. but I was wrong. I know they are all busy. I don't know, maybe God is saying that our time has completely past with them. I really need to pray and think about it.


  1. I know you are disappointed, and I'm sorry people aren't treating you how you thought they would... but this time will hopefully wake them up and they won't mess other people over in the future!

  2. another interesting thing it took ben and I leaving for them to start doing things and trying new things and have projects going. Funny how the Lord works sometimes.