Wednesday, February 23, 2011


As I wonder about what does it mean to live for Christ, I am finding out more and more that its not about what we do, where we go to church or what denomination we are affiliated, but its about how we act. Sometimes I think that we that say we are Christians are not worthy to be called that because we act and do things that the world does. For example a church wants to have a new carpet put in the sanctuary but the congregation can't agree on a color and so because some people don't get their way they divide the church and start a new one. IS that having brotherly love and being a good example to those who are on the outside? I think not! Another one is when another believer thinks your in a cult because u meet in a house and not a actual building designated for having "church" and they make fun of you and ridicule you. IS that how a follower of Christ should act? if that is so then we are no better than those that are out in the world that don't know Christ. We forget that the building we meet in is not the church, but the people who are inside the building that are the church. We need to take a better look at the Character of Christ and examine our own lives and ask how are we living? Does our lives reflect the Character of Christ? Read in Galatians the Fruit of the Spirit and that will give us an idea of how our lives should look. We need to pray that the Church, the Bride of Christ will wake up and realize that we need to clean up our act and be a better example to the world so that others will want to follow Christ. If we don't many souls will be gone forever. Church wake up because time is running out.


  1. I personally think if churches would quit worrying about the stupid crap and start realizing that people are really going to the hell we talk about then we could make a much bigger impact.

  2. Carpet does seem pretty trivial in the light of eternity, doesn't it??

  3. yes it does. but sadly that's how some believers are.