Tuesday, May 10, 2011


well its been a little since I've blogged. here's an update. Ben and I have left the church we were going to. Due to what was being taught and we didn't agree with and felt that we couldn't continue going and have a clear conscience. I am so thankful for God and keeping us in check and in line with His Word. We are continuing in prayer and study for wisdom and direction. I keep having this feeling that I need to be more serious about praying for others. I keep having this stirring in me for Tibet, India and England. I am also feeling the urge to cover more everyday like I used to and not just for going to meetings and fellowshipping with believers. I just have so much stirring inside me that I feel like hot soup or something on a stove boiling and getting ready to boil over. Twice now I've had a dream about a huge house that had rooms in it that were like furnished like apartments and they were just as big as a house. I will continue to think about Proverbs 3:5-6 and keep trusting in the Lord. blessings to you all!

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