Monday, September 12, 2011

thoughts again

well today I've been wondering where in the Bible that Christians get the idea that we have to have a personal relationship with God. I've been searching and all I can find that Jesus said was in order to be saved was to believe in the One who sent Him and what he was saying. Yes I accept and believe what Jesus did for us on the cross and what He taught. But I wonder what does all of this have to do with in order to get to Heaven u have to have a "personal relationship?" I know he also said that we must be born again. but do we truly know what he meant by that? the Greek word gennao which means to become the father of; to bear, give birth to; to be conceived, born: begat, born, begotten, bare, bear, brought forth, conceived, delivered, gendereth, gender, made, sprang. The Greek word anothen which means from above; from the beginning; again, anew;- from above, again, top, from beginning, from the very first. These words are used when Jesus says, "Ye must be born again." so given these definitions what is Jesus really trying to say here? Just because we accept something doesn't mean we have to have a personal relationship with it. It seems like the more that I think about God, the Bible and trying to figure out what the Truth is, the more confused I get. I know Jesus said seek and ye shall find and I'm seeking for God and I want to find and know Him. but I can't seem to find Him. I feel so lost. Well anyways these are just thoughts rolling through my head today.

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  1. Hi Jules,
    I think I understand your confusion.For me, having a for lack of better words "a personal relationship" with Christ means I have accepted what He has done on the cross for me, I have put my complete trust in Him and He is the one I go to in prayer. I know He will never leave me and He is there for me when I need Him.
    I guess the phrase "personal relationship" might be how the Lord speaks to each of us. He has different plans for each of us but He never tells us things that would contracdict(sp?) His Word.
    I probably generated more questions now. If I did please ask!