Monday, November 28, 2011


yesterday after church my hubby and I were on our way home and we started talking about our experiences with the style of services we grew up in Assemblies of God and what we are experiencing now in the Orthodox Church. As we talked my hubby told me that for the first time he was really blessed by seeing the parents taking their young children up for communion and he said as he watched the Scripture "suffer the little Children to come to me and forbid them not" came to mind. It got us discussing and thinking are we wrong in our thinking for saying that people have to be at a certain age of accountability in order to have communion or even be baptized? when are we ever at the age of accountability? then we got to think what the people that are mentally retarded and so forth that can't make decisions for themselves? Are we going to deny them communion and baptism because they can't think for themselves? Is God's grace for everyone or is it just for those that can think for themselves? The reason the Orthodox baptize infants is to show that even while they are not aware that God loves them and His grace is upon them and that as they grow up they will learn and become aware of that grace and love and want to accept Christ.Its like before we accepted Christ we were not aware of the love and grace of God until someone showed us and we discovered it for ourselves. Does that mean that God's grace came then? No! God's grace was with us the whole time. While we were yet sinners Christ died for us the Bible says. Its the same with communion the Orthodox believe that the bread and wine is truly the body and blood of Christ they don't know how it is, but they say its a mystery. I can see communion as representing Christ and i can also see it as really being Christ and I get so filled with awe every time i see the crowd of people and parents with their children wanting to go to Jesus and be partakers of him and be blessed by Him. to me it is absolutely beautiful! How can we deny anyone this? so again I ask who is God's grace for? is it for everyone? even for those who can't make decisions for themselves? or is it just for those who can make decisions and understand things? But can we really understand everything completely? Something to really think about.