Tuesday, June 19, 2012

well HI!

wow its been forever since I last posted. a lot has happened. I got to meet and really get to know my birth mom, middle sister and pretty much all of my biological family! it was awesome and I am more at piece with myself. My hubby and I have been faithfully going to the Greek Orthodox Church and I am amazed at how wonderful the Lord has been in leading us back to the Faith of the Apostles! we have officially started Catechism and maybe by the end of the year we will be taking that finally step of really Committing our lives to God and to the Church that Christ established. Since going to the Orthodox Church I have so much more stability, joy peace and freedom in my faith and walk with the Lord! we were privileged to visit a Monastery a couple of weeks ago and it was amazing and a wonderful experience! Also my hubby and I are faced with 3 expensive choices of treatments for our infertility and we are not quite sure at what we want to do and at this point we are just going to leave it because right now emotionally we wouldn't be able to handle all of that. we are praying extra hard that God will just intervene and bless us with our deepest desire of a baby by next year. anyways that's all my news!


  1. I saw your comment on another blog and wanted to come visit you. How wonderful you have found a church! My beloved and I have been in our town since January and are still searching. I also understand the fertility issue. My husband and I could not have children and ran into roadblocks adopting. i was so upset at the time but then our niece who was abandoned by her entire family needed us. she has severe mental issues and is now in a facility. I know now that God intended us to be parents to her for a time. i will certainly pray for the two of you. God bless!

  2. thanks Michelle-Ozark crafter!! Blessings!