Monday, July 30, 2012

something to chew on

Food For Thought from this week's Bulletin: "The marginalization of the Church which some find discouraging is actually a reason to be encouraged. There is no social advantage any more to becoming a Christian. Rather, professing faith in Christ is more likely to garner criticism and social disadvantage. This is all too good. The Church does not need multitudes to do its job, only dedicated souls willing to serve Christ and die for Him. Better a small and dedicated church, than multitudes of nominal believers. Better Bishops who serve the Church despite the fact that it brings no smile from the Emperor, than episcopal time-servers and men- pleasers. Better twelve men filled with the Pentecostal Spirit, than a thousand without zeal for God. Of the thousands that flocked around Christ when He did miracles and healed the sick, only a few stayed faithful to Him after the Cross. Of those thousands, only a hundred and twenty were found in Jerusalem's upper room at the end. But these one hundred and twenty had hearts that burned with love for Jesus. And that was enough."-Fr. Lawrence Farley

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