Sunday, August 26, 2012

Divine Liturgy

on the way home from church today, I was thinking about the song "Take Me In" here are the lyrics I realized that as a Protestant/Evangelical there was no way I could fully understand the meaning of this song because I had the understanding that everything was spiritual, but now that I have been going to an Orthodox Church I have come to fully understand this song and have realized that there is a physical aspect to Christianity and when I enter into the church and join in with the others in the Divine Liturgy, I am taken past the outer courts and crowds of people and ushered into the Holy place and there I find myself truly in the presence of God worshipping along side those that have gone before me. That is how the Orthodox Divine Liturgy is designed to do, to take us past the outer courts of this earthly realm and into heavenly realm to stand and worship in the very presence of God!! O how I wish more Protestant/Evangelicals could experience what the Orthodox experience every Sunday!


  1. Jules, I have found the same experience when I attend Mass at the Catholic church. I am in agreement with you if only more Protestant/Evangelicals could experience this, they do not know what they are missing, I didn't til I started attending Mass in the Catholic Church.

  2. that's awesome Deborah! blessings!