Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Give above and Beyond to others!

So lately I've been reading different lives of the Saints and I have been learning that what I have isn't really mine its God's and he has given me what I have as gifts and that I should whenever I can go the extra mile and give to others. For example yesterday I got coffee at my favorite place and after paying for it I didn't have any $1 dollar bills and so I put a $5 in the tip jar and now my hubby this morning when i was sharing this with him thought that was too much, but as Christians we are called to go above and beyond for others no questions asked. Many of the Saints would leave their cells unlocked because they knew that what little they had wasn't their's to keep, it was a gift from God and if someone should walk in and take what was there the saints prayed that they would be blessed and I said to hubby this morning that if someone broke in to our house and took stuff they obviously needed it more than we did and I hope that they would be blessed. Christ taught us that if someone asked for your coat give him 2 and if you were asked to walk a mile go 2 miles. So with that said my challenge for you is go above and beyond for someone today if you are able to and may you be a blessing to those around you and may the Lord bless you as you follow Him!

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