Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Thought Provoking Article!

Sharing from Holy Cross Monastery: ""There was a time when I found myself firmly in the conservative camp, dedicated like my fellows to defend the Bible against all comers. Like my fellows, I read the Scripture through the embattled lens of the polemicist. For me, the Bible was not just a sacred text, it was also a battlefield, and I had to tread carefully through it lest I step on any landmines and find myself blown up by liberal attackers. Though I scarcely knew it at the time, my way of reading the Bible had been dictated to me in advance by this struggle to the death between liberals and conservatives, and was conditioned by the liberal challenges. I was not a Bible reader so much as I was a Bible defender, and the awkward things pointed out gleefully by my liberal opponents summoned me to the confessional barricades. Though I would not have admitted it at the time (or even recognized it), polemics had replaced devotion. I was not so much a student of the Scriptures as its champion...." http://oca.org/reflections/fr.-lawrence-farley/withdrawing-from-the-wrestling-ring

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