Friday, August 30, 2013

long over due!

well I know this post is way overdue, just haven't felt like writing. but now I do. we have finally started our home improvement projects, I am building up my herb cupboard and learning how to use them and I am super excited about this! hopefully today I will get arthritis and Muscle salves and homemade deodorant made today. I have also been looking into becoming a doula and I hope to soon be able to shadow/observe a birth and what a doula actually does for the couple during this special time. I have been doing a lot of volunteer work at the Francisican Convent here in my town, the three nuns that live there are just delightful and are so fun and encouraging and I love dotting on them and helping in any way that i can. next week I am visiting my family in NY state and excited to meet my 4 month old niece. I miss my family so much and wish we could all live closer to each other. that is all for now. have a great weekend!

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