Wednesday, April 30, 2014


wow its been a long time since I've been on here. not too much happening. I recently became a certified doula which is someone who is a non-medical person that provides informational, emotional and physical support before, during and after birth. I am hoping to volunteer at a crisis center to gain experience and get a few births under my belt. we've been also doing some home improvement projects around the house, adding plants, a garden fence along the front yard and we would like to get an arbor to go over the side walk as an entry way into our yard, we are also refinishing our hardwood floors, painting, and adding new base boards and trim. we are possibly moving in the next couple of years. not sure where yet. still trying to get pregnant and looking into embryo adoption or IVF and doing it in a way that is acceptable to the Orthodox Church, so lots of prayers about that please. I'm still taking voice lessons and am learning a lot and had a recital just this past monday and it went well. how are all of you? what's new?

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